Shocking Hearing Loss Stats and Figures

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Do you have a loved one that really needs a hearing aid (or at least a hearing test) but won’t go along with your suggestions? It is very common for people to avoid seeking help for hearing loss, but chatting with them about the causes, effects and prevalence of hearing loss can help. These facts and stats could help you persuade someone you care about that it’s time to schedule a hearing test:

  • More men than women experience hearing loss.
  • Roughly 13% of the population over age 65 will experience tinnitus – ringing in the ears.
  • Over the past 30 years, the number of Americans with hearing loss has approximately doubled.
  • Approximately 36 million people in the US have some sort of hearing loss, which is almost 1 out of every five people.
  • Of the individuals who could benefit from using a hearing aid, only one out of five people wears one.
  • Noise is a major contributing factor to hearing loss. Noise has already resulted in permanent hearing loss for 10 million. Another 30 million people are exposed to dangerous levels on a daily basis.
  • About 23,000 people in the United States have cochlear implants – 43 percent of the them children.
  • Approximately 26 million Americans aged between 20 and 69 suffer from high frequency hearing loss caused by repeated exposure to loud noise either at work or during leisure activities.
  • Hearing loss categorization studies report that 5% of cases are severe, 30% moderate and 65% are classified as mild.
  • Those with hearing loss wait roughly 10 years before doing anything about it. Don’t let this be you or someone you love!

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