How Noisy Workplaces are Causing Hearing Loss

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Having a job can be a very pleasant situation for most people. Not only does it provide some variety in your day, but it can be a source of pleasure for many. Unfortunately, not every job is as safe as people would life them to be. There are a variety of different dangers that can befall you as you continue to work. From carpal tunnel to chemical exposure, there are many different ways that your job can cause harm. Here we will take a look at the jobs that have the noisiest workplaces in the world, and see the damage that they can do.


Any jobs that involve mining typically need to have a lot of heavy equipment in order to extract the valuable stones from the ground. With the small quarters that are available and the extremely loud noises, it is little wonder that mining is one of the most loud jobs that you can hold. While it is a necessary part of our continued lifestyle, it can be a dangerous one.

Nightclub Work

With all of the base music that is blasting in these areas, a nightclub can easily result in hearing loss for people who have worked in them for a long period of time. From servers to security, most people will begin to experience some form of hearing loss after mere months working in the industry.

Construction Positions

Whether you are working on a roof installation or resurfacing a road, construction jobs are another easy way to expose you to hearing loss. Again, the loud tools, lack of protection, and long hours that punctuate this line of work are often the sources for the greatest amount of hearing loss. Many people who have been in the business for years have suffered hearing loss.

Military Positions

While most people will not think of this as a job so much as it is a duty, it is still one of the most dangerous jobs in terms of your hearing health. Between gunfire, planes taking off, and artillery, there are many ways that you can lose your hearing in the military. One of the most frequent damages that occur to military veterans is acoustic trauma to the inner ear, causing hearing loss and other health problems.


Another one of the jobs that is vital to our way of life is farming. Tending to crops, planting them, and reaping them also require the use of a variety of loud machines that can cause hearing damage. Any time that you are on a tractor without hearing loss, you are being exposed to over 85 decibels, more than enough to cause long term hearing impairment and pain. These are just a few of the jobs that can cause hearing loss by being noisy work environments.

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