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Added to the list of health problems for diabetics, hearing loss is now thought to be more prevalent in those who have this disease. Thinks about the fact that 30 million people have diabetes and 34.5 million people have hearing loss in this country, with a link now proven between the two. Researchers just completed some studies of 20,000 people from the United States, Asia, Brazil and Australia to determine whether diabetes and hearing loss are intertwined. The answer is yes; however no one really knows why yet. You may have heard that you have twice the chance of having some degree of hearing loss than someone who is not diabetic. This is an alarming finding. This puts diabetes and hearing loss at the top in terms of two health concerns in the United States, points out the American Diabetes Association.

Correlation Between Diabetes and Hearing Loss

There has been a link drawn between diabetes and hearing loss, but the jury is still out on why diabetes causes hearing loss or vice versa. There is a wide spectrum of theories that have to be tested, with one of those being that diabetics should better control their blood sugar levels to reduce the risk of hearing impairment. Even though loud noises contribute hearing loss in many people, a noisy workplace has also been ruled out as a factor in the above studies. The medications and diuretics diabetics take to keep their blood pressure could actually bring on the hearing loss, so that’s something researchers must delve into. It could point to the high blood glucose levels that come with the territory with diabetes? These levels can damage the small blood vessels in the inner ear, known to cause hearing impairment. Researchers don’t assume age plays a role in these links, even though it’s been known for awhile now that hearing loss occurs as we age.

Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Looking out for the major signs and symptoms of hearing loss means you’re ahead of the game. There are several signs of hearing loss, such as if you have trouble keeping track of conversations with two or more people, hear mumbling from others, can’t pick out the voices of small children or women, and must crank the volume on the TV or radio up, you could have some damage to your hearing. Usually, our friend will have no trouble telling you that you have a hearing impairment! Visit a doctor is you have any symptoms so you can be diagnosed and begin treatment immediately, as you could suffer from some degree of hearing impairment if you have trouble keeping track of conversations with two or more people, constantly only hear mumbling from others, put the volume on the TV or radio way up, or can’t easily pick out the voices of small children or women.

Testing for Diabetes

Heart disease and kidney failure are two of the many health side effects diabetics can suffer from. Add hearing loss to the list. During every routine exam at your regular doctor, be sure to ask to be referred to a specialist for further testing and evaluation if you’re concerned about your hearing. Hearing tests should never be overlooked at your regular visit. Compiling this information will help out researchers in determining what the correlation is between diabetes and hearing impairment.

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