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The future of hearing aids is here. Brain hearing aids have finished their trials and are being prepared to be used around the world within months. These carefully-constructed hearing devices promise the ability to experience clearer, more natural hearing than ever before. All of those old digital models will be tossed to the wayside as these sleek new models take over the hearing aid industry. We will explore this cutting edge technology and how everyone with hearing loss can benefit from it.

Understanding Brain Hearing

The first thing that you have to understand in order to understand brain hearing is that your hearing is not done by your ears- it is actually done by your brain. As a result, you need to take a brain-centric approach to improving someone’s hearing. The older models of hearing aids could only focus on getting as much sound as possible in to the inner ear, but the brain hearing models are much more precise than their predecessors. They use targeted hearing waves to get specific outcomes within the inner ear. This is what has allowed them to evolve past the crude methods used in the past and to come away with some downright incredible benefits.

Brain Hearing Benefits

Unlike their digital counterparts, brain hearing aids function by bringing in some sound into the inner ear. Specifically, they only take in sound that the user could not process on their own. This means that the brain hearing aid focuses on your specific hearing deficits and works to supplement them through technology. This exciting and novel approach to hearing loss offers some very distinct benefits for the people who use these aids.

  1. Spatial Recognition: brain hearing preserves the ability to differentiate between sounds and tell where they are coming from.

  2. Sound Filtering: brain hearing aids have the ability to filter out sounds that are not needed by the individual to optimize their hearing.

  3. Speech Recognition: these devices recognize speech and amplify it so that conversations are easier to hold.

  4. Sound Focusing: even in public places where there are many people, you have the ability to listen to a single specific sound.

What Do Users Think?

There are not many mixed opinions on the brain hearing aids. The vast majority of people, 95% actually, have expressed an overwhelming amount of support for these hearing devices. This completely trumps the hearing aids that use the older models of hearing improvement. These devices only have a 79% approval rate under the best models. In short, brain hearing aids have completely improved the hearing aid systems that we have.

Getting Your Hands On One

There are many steps that you have to take so that you can be fitted with one of these hearing aids. It is not as though you can just go into a store and purchase one of these. You need to have the appropriate measurements done in order for the device to be customized to your needs. After the device is made to work within the parameters set by your audiologist, who will do the programming, you will see the incredible hearing benefits that comes along with a brain hearing aid.

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