Best Hearing Aids for Kids with Hearing Loss – Audiologists’ Recommendations

Hearing Health BlogIt’s an unfortunate fact that many young children experience hearing loss, but with the ideal variety of hearing aid this doesn’t have to slow them down. If you will be in the process of looking to select a hearing aid for your child, the sheer number of styles, sizes and functions to choose from can be overwhelming. There are some designs that tend to be better suited for youngsters compared to others, so read on to understand more about what kind may work best for your child.

The most common types of hearing aids used by children are classified as in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE). Unlike adults, children are always growing and developing, making frequent hearing aid adjustment important. BTE and ITE aids most easily lend themselves to routine adjustment, making them best suited to use in kids. In-the-ear hearing aids are small units in plastic cases that fit within the outer part of a child’s ear. ITE hearing aids are big enough to add many helpful additional technologies like telecoil. BTE aids have a small plastic case that is worn behind the ear. A plastic earmold delivers sound to the child’s ear and is also connected to the case by a little piece of tubing. The two styles of equipment can address an array of hearing issues.

Various other medical problems in addition to hearing loss can impact whether or not a given style of hearing aid is best suited for a child. For example, behind-the-ear hearing aids may not fit correctly on children whose ears are deformed. For certain children, an exceptionally shallow ear canal may not provide enough space to fit ITE hearing aids. An excessive build-up of ear wax can impact hearing aid function, especially for devices that rest in the ear.

The most effective way to choose the best hearing aid for your child is to consult with your hearing specialist. He or she will guide you through your choices and make suggestions determined by your child’s distinct condition. Your specialist can also provide coaching on what your duty is in enhancing your child’s hearing. Young children may not be able to take out, insert, or adjust their hearing aids, leaving it up to you to make certain they are comfortable and hearing at their best.

While selecting the best hearing aid can be confusing and frustrating, with time and research you will find the perfect device for your child.

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  1. I never thought about how children would need hearing aides frequently replace because they are still growing. One of my cousins is losing her hearing, so pretty soon she will need a device to help her hear. It seems like there is a lot of thought involved in choosing the most comfortable style for your ears. I should let my cousin know that she should start think about her options.

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