Asking is Key! Strategies for Getting a Hearing Loop Installed at A Church or Theater

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The majority of public venues and businesses have made their buildings wheelchair accessible, an extremely visible disability, but may not be aware of the less visible challenges confronted by people who have difficulty hearing. In conjunction with telecoil hearing aids or cochlear implants, hearing loops clarify sounds for hearing challenged individuals, are a more affordable investment than other modifications for the disabled and will bring in more patronage. Sometimes the managers of the venue simplyaren’t aware of how much a hearing loop might help. With a little bit of time and effort you might be able to get them to install one.

Churches and places of worship. While many synagogues, churches and mosques already have some type of assistive hearing device, it might be outdated and inconvenient or the place you attend might not have one at all. If this is the case, let the congregation and worship leaders know of the advantages of this type of system, such as being able to push a button to customize your ability to hear the sermon clearly through your own hearing aid.. You might try to gain popular support for the idea by submitting an article to the website or newsletter of the church.

Theaters, auditoriums and other public buildings. In the United States, it is a legal requirement for pubic assembly spaces to have audio amplification. A hearing loop is an easy way for a venue to comply with this law. To promote this need, you can write to or meet with the people in charge of these public spaces and business to explain the need and benefits. Installing a hearing loop can allow the business to tap into a new segment of the population which sometimes has limited entertainment options.

Arm yourself with information. Whether you speak with the people in charge, write a letter or create a poster, it is important to share the facts to create understanding and awareness. Define hearing loop, its function and costs. Explain the necessity and convenience of hearing loops for you and others. Explain to them the benefits of their increased business. Even if they don’t engage in the idea the first time, be available as a resource for further information and ask if you can touch base with them every few months to continue the discussion.

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