5 Sounds to be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Family gathered around the table for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the ideal time to reflect on all the things we usually take for granted throughout the year.

And that includes our capacity to hear.

While sight, taste, and smell are at the front of our mind throughout the holidays, hearing generally takes a back seat—that is, until we start paying greater attention.

To completely savor the holiday season calls for being entirely present, and that includes being alert to all the sounds that frequently escape our full attention.

Below are five sounds to be mindful of and thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  1. The sound of a busy kitchen – You can’t beat the smell of roasting turkey filling up the house, but have you ever paused to appreciate the sounds of a lively kitchen with food popping and sizzling and timers going off? With a house full of hungry guests, you’re especially not going to want to miss those timers.
  2. Conversations around the dining table – The holiday season is an opportunity to get everyone together for engaging conversation. You won’t want to miss out on any big news or humorous stories from the family members you rarely get to see. And as for those you’d rather not hear from, you’ll just have to select your seat at the dinner table carefully.
  3. Thanksgiving day football – To the disapproval of many non-football fans, the NFL has somehow integrated itself into the holiday tradition. But for the sports fans in the family, the sounds of the crowd, the big hits, and the eruption after a touchdown are hard to match in intensity.
  4. Thanksgiving day parades – The sound of marching bands and applauding crowds in the background is an essential of Thanksgiving day. You’ll want to ensure that you catch all of the music and festivities.
  5. Holiday movies – Has anyone ever not consumed too much at Thanksgiving dinner? Following the heavy tryptophan-filled feast and lots of socializing, it’s nice to sit back, relax, and watch your favorite movies.

Each of these sounds enhance the full Thanksgiving experience, and the more mindful we are of them, the more we can enjoy the day. It’s part of being fully present and immersing yourself in the moment.

Regretfully, hearing loss can dull or eliminate several of these sounds. Missing out on interesting conversations, or not being able to hear the dialogue in movies, causes stress and anxiousness that should have no part in the holiday celebrations.

That’s why we’re inviting those with hearing loss to consider the use of hearing aids prior to the holiday season. Hearing aids can enhance all five of the above sounds, bringing them into sharp focus, possibly for the first time in years.

It’s time to take back your holiday season—book your hearing test today!

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