Do you struggle to hear the full conversation?

Get expert advice on the right hearing solution

Use these 3 steps to pick the right hearing practice to help you hear better and live better

  1. Read their online patient reviews to see what others in your community are saying about the quality of care. No reviews? That’s a red flag.
  2. Visit their website. Are they focused on patient care? Is the information on the site helpful? Or they are all about selling you products before they even talk to you?
  3. Call the practice and talk to them. Did they take the time to answer your questions? Will they evaluate your hearing and meet your individual needs?

If you’re looking for a practice that puts your hearing health first and that takes the time to listen to your concerns, talk to us. If you’re looking for hearing experts to guide you through the confusing number of options, call us today.

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“Helpful, efficient service…clear information…awesome service…”

- Joanna Strom

“Finally…after many years, I found an audiologist that understands Menieres Disease While it is a challenge to get my aids adjusted, I have been greeted with compassion and patience.”

- Kay Leonard

“Kelly does a great job. She really worked to get my hearing to as good as it can be.”
- David Overeem

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    Serving Grand Rapids, MI!

    McDonald Hearing Services

    961 4 Mile Rd NW,
    Grand Rapids, MI 49544

    Grand Rapids, MI

    McDonald Hearing Services

    961 4 Mile Rd NW
    Grand Rapids, MI 49544


    Friday by appointment only